Tarot Course: Week 1 / Part 1

You do not need to read books on the Tarot to learn how to read the Tarot. Books can be helpful. Books on the Tarot give you an overview of the Tarot tradition and at some time or other, you will reference them, just to get a feeling for what other Tarologists are saying. But in this 22 week Tarot course, the most important thing you need is your willingness to trust your own intuition. Everyone has intuition, and you will be amazed at how intuitive you actually are and you will laugh at how easy it is to learn to do Tarot readings for yourself and others.

When I started to learn about the Tarot, I would read 100’s of books on the Tarot. When giving readings in the past, I would try to memorize the meanings of the symbols that I had read from other Tarologists. But something was missing. Even though I loved the imagery of the Tarot, I was not connected with the cards. The cards had not become part of me. Plus depending on what other people are saying the symbols mean, only reveals a lack of confidence in ones intuitive abilities. So one day, I decided to not depend on books on the Tarot and let go off what other people had said about what the cards had meant and create my own dictionary of meanings for the symbols in the Tarot cards, and this is exactly what this course is all about.

At first it was really scary, it felt like I was breaking away from going to church every Sunday and something really bad was going to happen to me. But once I got very deep into this process, I just could not believe why other Tarologists were repeating the same information that other Tarot writers had written. Even within the world of the Tarot, we have people who have turned it into a religion. But as you explore this 22 week Tarot course, you will discover that it is you who holds all the definition of the meanings of the symbol of the Tarot within you and it is a really exciting process to create your own symbolic dictionary.

I wish to help you access your own symbolic language for the images that you see in your Tarot deck. Not my definitions, but your own. The techniques that I will be sharing can be applied to any Tarot deck. For the simplicity of group study, I have chosen to use the Marsielles Tarot deck by Jodorowsky & Camoin. But those who come to the website and watch the videos that I have on You Tube, can apply these methods to other Tarot decks. But if you decide to study with me via telephone or in person in Glastonbury, United Kingdom, we will work from the Marsielles Tarot deck by Jodorowsky & Camoin which can be purchased from: http://bit.ly/z4RtXF

So I would like to make a suggestion: please get a journal or use evernote: http://www.evernote.com/  for storing notes, this is what I use and I find it much easier to manage than a journal, but some people might prefer to have something held in their hands, rather than having a filing system on their computer or laptop, either way, you will need something to store, collect and build your own very symbolic dictitionary.

I teach in a very intuitive way. I really hope that every piece of information that I share with people is useful, expands awareness, helps people to live wiser lives. If what I share resonates with you and you have benefited from it, please share it with you friends, that is the small payment that you can make for this receiving this information. Hence the Facebook “like” button, Twitter and Google Plus, etc at the bottom of this blog post is to help you share this content with your friends.

The comment box underneath each blog post is an opportunity to share with me what you are experiencing with trying out these techniques, your thoughts on the content that has been delivered and any questions that you might have about learning the Tarot.

If you have decided to study with me on a one to one basis, either via telephone, Skype or in person, in Glastonbury, United Kingdom, you will need  the Marsielles Tarot deck by Jodorowsky & Camoin which can be purchased from: http://bit.ly/z4RtXF

Once you have got the Tarot cards that are needed for the one to one free coaching, or if you have decided to study other Tarot decks, and you are clear about what type of system you are going use to store your insights about the Tarot, we will begin with the first card: The Magician ( the Juggler) of the Major Arcana in the Marsielles Tarot deck by Jodorowsky & Camoin which can be purchased from: http://bit.ly/z4RtXF

I am not going to tell you what the Major Arcana means. It will be revealed to you intuitively, but it will be your own definition, not my own. I know that for some of you, this will be frustrating at times, that I do not give you a map and what all these land marks mean. But as you get deeper and deeper into the 22 week course, you will be so grateful that I had done things this way.

In my next blog post, we will begin with the study of  the first card: The Magician ( the Juggler) of the Major Arcana in the Marsielles Tarot deck by Jodorowsky & Camoin which can be purchased from: http://bit.ly/z4RtXF We will study the card below, for 1 week and each day I will send exercises to help you develop your intuition, help you discover your own definition of the symbols that you see in the card and also help you connect with the card on an intuitive level. The goal is to enable you to be a powerful, insightful and highly intuitive  Tarot reader for yourself and others.

The Magician

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If you would like to enrol on this 22 week Tarot course and experience having Free one to one Tarot coaching via telephone, Skype or in person in Glastonbury, United Kingdom, then fill out the form below:

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4 thoughts on “Tarot Course: Week 1 / Part 1

  1. I love maintaining the mind of a beginner, so I would absolutely love to take this course. Is it a problem if I choose to use either the Rider Waite or Thoth deck?

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