Celebrity Tarot Reading for Steve Jones from US X Factor

Follow my blog with BloglovinSteve Jones has been chosen as the person to receive today’s Celebrity Tarot reading.

How is Steve Jones responding and presenting himself to the world around him?

Tarot Deck: Marseilles & Lenonarmand

Card 1 / The Hermit

Card 2/ The Fox

This is a period of deep enquiry. A time for inner searching and discovering ones genuine authenticity. A time to retreat, to look within and to not depend on external authorities to give answers to what is the right chosen path for you.

From current events, maturity will flower and lead to a path that will be more in alignment with your soul desires. Sometimes blessings come wrapped up in the  clothes of garbage. So there is a lot to learn about oneself in regards to current experiences, hence  a longing will arise to have time alone or least  not have such a strong desire to be shining in the lime light. The light that you are now seeking is to get in touch with your own higher consciousness, the core centre of your being.

On the 14th of December 2012, a significant event will force you to come out of your  cave and a new phase to your self expression will arise. You will be a lot more astute, sharp and people will not be able to pull the wool over your eyes.

But there could be a chance that this ability in becoming a more shrewder individual, might leave close people around you feel like you not being transparent in your communication.

As long as you acting from a place of purity, you will always know the ones with whom you can communicate from a place of openness and trust.

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