Free Tarot reading for Nightshade

Dear Nightshade,

here below is your free tarot reading in response to the following question:

How do my career and financial prospects look? I’m just out of university and I’m looking to start my career, and set up my own home.

I decdided to use 5 card spread to gain a general overview around your finances. This is a five card Tarot spread that looks at the issues in the your current financial situation and whether moneywill be coming into your life in the near future.


Money (Photo credit: 401K)


  1. Your current financial foundation.
  2. Will money be coming into your life very soon?
  3. Money opportunities you may wish to consider more closely.
  4. Who or what project will bring in more money for you?
  5. Outcome

The cards that came through for you:

  1. The Chariot
  2. Death
  3. Hermit
  4. The Star
  5. Wheel of Fortune
Your current financial foundation: Energy is moving forward in your life right now and if you have been feeling a bit stuck, the card informs me that you need to look at all your options from a higher vantage point and it is good that you have had the time to reflect and look at all your options.
I get a sense that you are a person who actually needs time to think things through. It is good to be aware that is a strength, rather than seeing it as a form of procrastination.  How others do things around you, is unique to them, trust your inner guidance. The Chariot clearly tells me that once you are clear about what you wish to do, nothing will get in your way. Timing wise, I see you settling down in your new place within the next 7 months, around June 2012.
Will money be coming into your life very soon? Actually money is already there around you. By stripping away all the things that are no longer serving you and all those things that you do not actually need, you will discover the funds you need.
I keep hearing my celestial friends saying to me that you want to many separate things, and this makes it difficult for the universe to deliver what you truly need. What I mean is that by being really clear about what you essentially want and making it a daily goal to focus on that wish, it becomes easier to attract these things that are a vibrational match for your desires.
Here is an example of what I mean: Let say, I want a house, a new job, a guitar, new shoes, lap top, camera, etc, I dilute my power of attracting these things to me, simply because there are too many separate desires.
But if I ask myself the question how would I feel having all these things, I might say things like: at peace, comfortable, safe, secure, satisfied, joyful, vibrant, confident.
So I would then make one goal to experience a vibrant life or joyful life, and make each day an opportunity to focus having those experiences that help me experience being vibrant and joyful and confident. The state of being actualizes  what we are seeking. Focusing on fewer goals, enables us to power those few goals so that come through into physical manifestation.
The Death card is not saying no that money will not come your way, the way that I am reading it is that there is a need to cut through to the essential and let go of those things that you no longer need and from this place, something new will become possible. An image of a stork, building a nest, being super resourceful but very happy as it only takes what it needs to have a base to rest in.
Money opportunities you may wish to consider more closely. Working for yourself, teaching or mentoring. The Hermit quite clearly tells me that there is a need to trust your ideas and the messages that you are receiving from your Higher Self. I keep getting this image of a mountain and some connection to Switzerland. I also see a possibility to host workshops for others.  The other message I keep seeing that the answer is already dormant within you and that there is not a need to rely too much on others. Your mind is an asset in this situation and that the answers will come through your dreams, your pondering and mental insights.
Who or what project will bring in more money for you? Following your truth will bring you more money, trusting that you are not alone and that there is an entourage of celestial beings relishing in the possibility of working with you.  You are a deeply spiritual person. The inner ‘work’ that you have done on yourself is paying off. I see you integrating the subconscious with the Higher Mind and as I look at the Star card, there is so much hope and acknowledgement that there is support from the heavens in regards to attracting more money. In 17 days from today please look out for an important  email, letter or text. It will clearly indicate how you can move closer to your dreams and desires. How magical is the life that is gently unfolding before you.
Outcome: The Wheel of Fortune in relationship to the Star card reveals to me that there will be an increase in financial stability. This has something to do with your study. I also see you being an eternal student. More studies to come and possibly abroad.
Your ceaseless curious nature, always hungers to know more about the world around you. If you decided to teach, students will be inspired by your way of sharing knowledge, as it will be deeply rooted in your direct experience.
Keeping a journal or sharing ideas is really important as the next generation will be waiting for a mentor of such a calibre.
I am offering all people who have had a free Tarot reading with me to design a personalized Meditation to help them achieve their goals. In the past I use to run a lot of meditation workshops and my wife said that the way I share the meditations are quite powerful.
In the future people will have to pay for the personalized meditations. But for now I would like to get feedback from enlightened people like yourself on how these meditations are.
All that I request is that you refer 1 person to this website in return. If you would like to explore this click on the following link refer at least 1 person to this website: CLICK HERE 
You are welcome to leave a comment to let me know how this Tarot reading was for you.
Wishing you wellness,
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4 thoughts on “Free Tarot reading for Nightshade

  1. Thank you Edgar for taking time out to do this reading for me. What you have said is quite true with regards to my lust for knowledge, I definitely wish to study further and study as much as I can about many things.

    I’ve also been getting the impression to pare things down and look for the essentials rather than all of the things I want. I am discovering that I have quite a lot and that I’ll be lucky when I start my home.

    “But if I ask myself the question how would I feel having all these things, I might say things like: at peace, comfortable, safe, secure, satisfied, joyful, vibrant, confident.” This is great advice thank you!

    Teaching is also one of my dreams, but I felt it was too unrealistic at this point, I’ll reconsider this. And I’ll look out for the important message!

    I’m definitely worried about relying on myself alone, but I’m assured by those in my life that I can and that I will, it is heartening to know that the cards say the same thing!

    You have confirmed many things for me, this was a very good and professional tarot reading! Thank you very much!


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  3. Thank you Nightshade for your wonderful feedback. Its a real pleasure to be sharing the insights from the Tarot. I look forward to being of assistance in your a new home and greater stability in all areas of your life.

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