Reiki Healing

Reiki II 4/7/08Reiki Healing Energy “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience.” Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress management and relaxation that also promotes healing and well-being.

Why would you have Reiki Healing?

NOW could be one of those times that you could REALLY use some extra help.

You could have an important event coming up that you would love to have extra help sent your way.

You could have physical or emotional issues that you have been struggling with for a very long time.

You could have a beloved pet that can use some extra help.

You could simply like to have a period of time with more energy, clarity and peace.

You might have asked friends to “say a prayer” or wish you “luck”?

You might also wish you could do something special for a friend, child or pet in need?

A Few Frequent Reiki Remote Spiritual Healing Outcomes

Because the healer (you) and the divine direct the flow of energy, the list below is only a sample of the most observed possibilities.

1. Aches and pains have decreased or vanished.

2. You feel a flood of calmness in the midst of chaos.

3. You just feel great.

4. You have a noticeable increase in energy.

5. Certain aspects of relationships will be viewed from a healthier perspective. You may not be happy about what you discover and might decide to make some positive changes which will lead to a real state of happiness. Perhaps your own negative patterns will surface prompting new approaches to life and relationships. Again, the outcome is always good.

6. Your body is releasing toxins.

* Pimples may surface, digestive patterns may change.

* Diseases may become temporarily worse as the deepest toxins rise to

the surface. This would be the time to trust and stay with the Reiki.

Drink large amounts of water!

7. You are reaching for healthier foods.

8. Exercise is calling you to action.

9. Your sleep is restful and satisfying.

10. You notice bursts of energy in the middle of a lethargic segment of time.

11. The usual button-pushing situations are losing their power over you. You return back to a normal relaxed state in much less time.

12. You feel more serene and trusting in life. You worry far less and trust far more.

13. The most stubborn problems are replaced with simple solutions.

14. People and life are appearing much more supportive.

15. You are generally more peaceful and serene.

Reiki healing is an ancient powerful system of energy healing.

This once-lost method of connecting to this powerful energy was rediscovered by a Japanese man, Dr. Usui, in the mid 1800’s.

The public awareness of spiritual healing has come a long way since I started my Reiki practice years ago. I remember trying ever so hard to explain what spiritual healing was to those who were open and curious. Today, Reiki spiritual healing has become pretty much mainstream. Chances are, if you stop someone on the street, I venture to guess that at least 50% have at least heard of it. Many people have had their first experience with Reiki in a hospital setting. Either they were ill, or a dear one was in need of healing. Physical healing is what comes to mind when most think of this intelligent energy.

This image depicts a Reiki treatment in progre...

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After facilitating hundreds of Reiki treatments, most of which were remote, I have come to appreciate Reiki for its gentle power and versatility. The divine intelligence of Reiki energy is not limited to physical ailments. A very mainstream event such as a court hearing or trial can benefit greatly from the subtle influence of Reiki spritual healing.

Can Reiki influence the result of the proceedings? Absolutely. The intent of all Reiki sessions would be for the “highest and best” outcome. How this translates into healing depends on how the Reiki is directed. If the Reiki is directed to an individual, then that individual will be more peaceful and centered. The outcome will be for their highest and best, regardless of what that might be. Reiki does not rob you of your life lessons. It does make a difference as to how you deal with the events at hand. It will not take from others so that you will benefit.

What if one wants energy directed to the whole courtroom, from the judge, to the clerks, to the attending officers? In fact, what if you want Reiki directed to every soul in that courtroom? In such a case, one needs to be careful in respecting the rights of each individual. One cannot force Reiki upon another soul. The soul simply would not accept it. Yet, it is most respectful to not even try to impose Reiki without permission. A way to adhere to the ethics of Reiki while still positively affecting the events of the proceeding would be to send Reiki energy to “the situation”. In doing so the whole room would be filled with Reiki energy. The possibility of violent outbursts would be greatly reduced. Those individuals willing to accept the energy would simply draw from it and reap the benefits. These choices are all on a soul level thus not consciously selected.


Reiki (Photo credit: nexus6)

There have been many court outcomes that have been discreetly influenced by the power of Reiki. It is reassuring to know that in those instances, the highest and best did prevail for all those involved.

Reiki Remote Energy Healing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Reiki energy remote healing a religion?

No, Reiki distance healing energy is not a religion. It is simply a powerful method of asking the divine to assist a person, situation, event, etc. In no way does it’s effectiveness require an alteration of religious precepts.

2. Must a recipient believe in Reiki spiritual healing energy to obtain results?

No, Reiki distant healing energy does not discriminate between believers and skeptics. An awareness of it’s presence in your life is beneficial. I have witnessed many pleasantly surprised skeptics reverse their thinking after experiencing Reiki distance healing energy. I was one of those skeptics.

3. Can Reiki remote energy healing ever be used to hurt someone?

Due to it’s divine origin, Reiki remote healing energy only produces good.

4. Why should requests for Reiki remote healing be more general rather than specific?

By being too specific, it often conflicts with someone else’s free will OR the highest and best outcome for the recipient. It is better to focus on the general feeling from your desire. Example: financial security, a loving relationship, good health, happiness.

5. How long do the effects of Reiki distant healing treatments last?

Reiki distance healing energy often produces positive life altering changes in how one thinks and approaches their life. The recipient and the higher source determine how the Reiki distant healing energy is best utilized.

6. Is Reiki a Japanese philosophy?

No, The only reason it has a Japanese name is because this old and once obscure method of praying and facilitating healing was re-presented to mankind via a Japanese man, Dr. Usui.

7. Is it important to understand how Reiki distance healing energy healing works to derive benefit?

No, only a willing soul is the prerequisite to receiving this powerful and divine energy. I use electricity daily without ever understanding how it works.

8. Is it possible to “catch” the issues of the sender and visa versa?

No, one is totally protected. I would not engage in Reiki distance healing if I felt that either party’s health could be compromised in any way.

9. Does the client have to stop what they are doing to receive the energy?

No, the client will receive the Reiki distance healing energy regardless of what he/she is doing. Even while asleep, the willing recipient will take in the Reiki distant healing energy.

10. Does the client “use up” the energy in the moment it is received?

After “sending” Reiki distance healing energy to many people, reports come in that the client often feels it as a wave of peace when they most need it. I see the Reiki remote healing energy collecting as a reserve and thus used when needed.

11. Do pets such as dogs, cats and birds have a chance to also receive Reiki and benefit?

Yes, I have had many clients, besides humans, from the animal kingdom. Pet owners saw remarkable changes in their pets. One can be sure that Reiki always does good.

12. Can Reiki energy prevent a death from occurring in humans or pets?

Yes, it is possible. It all depends on the soul of the recipient. They may be done with their work on earth and may need help in transitioning with peace. Their life and quality of life may be improved by the Reiki energy while the recipient is allowed to better prepare to cross over. There are many scenarios all recipient controlled.

Reiki Distance Energy Healing

Preparing for Reiki

Remote Energy Healing

Reiki distance energy healing can be directed to situations, future events, homes, offices, pets, plants, past traumas and a multitude of other applications. When appropriate, it is wise to record precisely what is going on before the receipt of a Reiki distant healing energy treatment and what you wish to improve as a result of the treatment. Often what we ask for may be detrimental to our growth. For this reason, I always ask for the “highest and best” when sending a treatment. I know that Reiki remote healing always “works.” We must trust that Reiki distance energy healing works for the highest good. The questionnaire below was designed to help focus those seeking a personal treatment rather than a house clearing or future event treatment.

Optional Reflective Questionnaire

For your own personal reference

This personal questionnaire is designed to help you become more conscious of what is going on in your body and life. It might be a good idea to print out and respond to the questions prior to receiving Reiki distance healing and again at the end of your treatment period.

Changes can be subtle or dramatic.

New solutions to old problems are often an additional unexpected gift.

Because Reiki healing energy helps remove toxins from the body, I strongly suggest drinking at least eight large glasses of water daily. An increase of time in nature is an additional recommendation.

1. How does your body feel?

Are there any tense areas? Where are they?

Describe the intensity on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)

If so, when do you notice them occurring?

What percent of your day or week would you say this tension exists.

2. How would you rate your energy level?

Make observations as to your patterns and document them for yourself.

You might want to consider the time of day or various activities.

3. If you have an illness or addiction, notice patterns and record.

What triggers the problem?

When is it most severe?

What percent of your day or week is most problematic?

What benefits can you find in this problem?

Can you replace the benefits with other more self-loving activities?

4. What patterns and behaviors do you wish to release?

ex: not being able to say “no”, afraid to show your real self, smoking,

negative thinking, over-spending, stress eating, alcohol addiction

5. What is the quality of your relationships?

What percent of your relationships are harmonious?

Are you authentic?

Do you hold back from expressing your feelings?

Do you often feel like a victim?

Do you feel nurtured and supported by your loved ones?

How often do you choose to support yourself? How does it feel?

Do you give your power away?

Does anger come up when you assert yourself, or do you calmly state

your needs knowing you deserve them?

6. What situations set you off and put you out of control?

For how long are you incapacitated? Minutes? Hours? Days?

What is your typical reaction? Do you lash out? Withdraw? Cry? Feel helpless?

7. Are there areas in your life that you feel “stuck”?

How does staying stuck serve you?

Do you really want to move forward?

If so, what are you choosing to be your reason for staying stuck?

How would moving forward serve you?

What percent of you is ready to change?

How supported do you feel about life?

8. How clear is your ability to solve problems?

Does your mind run in circles?

Are you too full of fear or anger to see clearly?

What percent of your day or week do feel clarity and in control?

9. Notice your inner peace to anxiety ratio.

What percent of your day is peaceful?

10. How are your sleep patterns?

How often, if at all, do you get up in the night?

What is the quality of your sleep?

11. What percent of your inner dialogue is positive, optimistic and supportive?

What percent of your thoughts are negative, fearful, and hopeless in nature.

12. What is the quality of people and situations you draw to yourself?

What percent are supportive?

What percent are destructive?

13. How much in control do you feel about your life?

Use a percent to represent your feelings of control.

Cost of receiving 30 days of Long distance Reiki healing £55

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