What would you like to know more about the Tarot


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The Tarot can be used in so many different ways and each person has their own unique way of understanding the Tarot. Some people are Tarot collectors and have a vast collection of Tarot cards, that they enjoy looking at. Some people explore the Tarot for fun or a tool for personal self development. I am curious to know what people most would like to know about the Tarot. Currently, what I most want to know about the Tarot, is to know a little bit more about the lives of the designers of the Marseilles Tarot deck.

I would love to get inside these Tarot masters minds and ask them questions as to why they chose certain images or symbols to mean a particular thing.

So I have created a poll to find out what most people like to know about the Tarot who visit this blog. It would be interesting to know, what Tarologists, who have practising the Tarot for at least 30 years would like to know, perhaps nothing more?

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