One Year Tarot Mentor Programme

A structured comprehensive course in tarot is  immensely beneficial to be able to read confidently, with depth and accuracy, for yourself and others.  That said, practice makes perfect, which is why I run a monthly free tarot circle for my students to practice and expand their skills.  Some people need more and for those of you far away, who are unable to come to the monthly circles, where do you go to continue to develop your skills?  If you are lucky, there may be a tarot group near you, or you can join a forum online.

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I’ve developed this one year mentoring programme to suit people who wish to continue with their studies, practising readings for others yet continue to receive feedback and guidance on their progress.  This programme lasts one year, during which time, you will be asked to give one email and one phone reading for someone you have never met, undertake one personal one to one reading and a reading for yourself each month.  Feedback on all four readings are given and exercises to help strengthen areas of doubt  are also advised.

This is an opportunity for you to read for the general public and at the same time receive honest feedback on your reading and guidance for the future over the course of a whole year. This is a certificated course.

Cost per programme: £150

One Year Mentor Programme


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