Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

One of the things that I do when give people Tarot readings is create personalized meditations.

For me the Tarot is not a tool for fortune telling. Fortune telling can be fun, especially when information that comes through a Tarot reading is foretold before the event has happened, and actually manifests in person’s future.

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The Tarot for me is opportunity to pause, reflect and ponder ones life and to see it from a different vantage point.

I have no desire or wish to prove to people that I am psychic. In fact I believe that we all are and everyone of us has access to their intuition.

When you accept and recognise that we are all energy and everything is interconnected, than it is easy to see how a person can establish an connection with you, even if you are on the other side of the world.

With all my Tarot readings I meditate prior to giving a Tarot reading . So I thought I would share with you all a simple meditation that I practice.

What is unique about receiving a personalized guided meditation is that it has been tailored to you and what came through for you in your Tarot reading.

This is my way of saying that receiving a Tarot reading with me is just one aspect of my service. When you receive the insights that you gain from your Tarot reading, my intention is to give you tools to help you see that your intuition is the true inner guide and that you have access to the intuitive reality 24/7 The Tarot reading for me creates a space to help you turn inward and connect with your Higher Self.

Here below is the guided meditation, I invite you to leave me feedback about what you think.


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