Free Tarot Reading for Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

Thank you for requesting a Tarot reading from me. Before I start, let me
quickly explain to you how I use the Tarot. I believe that Tarot is an excellent
tool for self-discovery – exploring strengths and weaknesses, opportunities
and obstacles currently influencing your life. In my opinion, it is not a good
idea to use it just for fortune-telling, as this would deprive you of the opportunity to mould your life the way you want it to be. My aim is to offer you choices and options, empowering you to take responsibility and be in control of your life.

English: Tarot card II Jupiter of Swiss Tarot 1JJ

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Your question is “How to develop mature mind and how to think positively?”

In order to offer you guidance, I have shuffled my deck,and pulled 3 Tarot cards.

The following 3 cards have a special message to you from the Tarot:

The World/ The root of this issue: I see a man that wants to achieve everything and is hungry to taste the world in his fullness. But this man is trying too hard to be too many different people and the most important person he forgetting to be is himself.

If we think we are not good and that there is something wrong with us, than no matter how hard we try to become something else, the underlying belief remains, that we are incomplete and that there is something lacking within us.

Sometimes we think that the answer is being somewhere else, in another country or city.

The secretis not in desiring to master the world, the secret is recognising what you have already and who you really are. That is what is missing.  When we focus too much on the outside we forget the inner world that is available to us.

Charles VI (or Gringonneur) Deck; Le tarot dit...

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It is natural for us to think that by travelling outward we will visit many far away places. But there is an inner journey that is also available and that journey is to return home. To come back to our centre, our core being which is available to us right here and now.

The Tower/The Energies surrounding you now: Old structures are falling a way and it might feel like life has decided to make things unnecessarily difficult for you.  But this unexpected change is beneficial for your growth. It will take about 16 weeks for things to settle down, so there is a powerful blessing in this abrupt shift in events.  What you can do is look at what you say, think, feel or the choices you make today. The future is born from this moment., here and now. If you know what seeds to plant, you will always reap a favourable harvest.

The Devil/ Guidance on this matter: Learn to listen to your HEART, not what will give you a quick fix. How to develop mature mind and how to think positively? First KNOW YOUR SELF. Know your mind Dreamer. Learn to know what your mind actually is, how you feel, how you react. The number one remedy is learning to witness your mind and not getting identified by it and its many attachments. We access our HEART when we feel joy, feel connection to loved ones, when we are celebrating our own and others achievements, when we are sitting quietly in the forest and feeling peace and beauty.

Positive mind, negative mind? Mature mind, immature mind? These are just labels. How can we measure how positive a mind actually is? How can know how mature a mind is? But one of the most explosive things we can ask ourselves is: WHO AM I?

When you do not know your motivation or intention for doing what you decided to do, than you can end up in situations, that you wish you had not got yourself involved in and you can be left feeling entangled and chained to people and situations that are not serving your highest good.

So I would like to suggest the following ideas. You do not have to try them out. But if they resonate with you they will cause you no harm and will help you plant seeds for a prosperous future:

Cover of "The Secret"

Cover of The Secret

  • Go for a walk everyday in nature for least 20 minutes, pause and look around and feel pulse of life around you.
  • Drink more warm water, at least 3 glasses before lunch time, everyday.
  • Do not complain, it steals your energy and creates a filter to hearing the Angels speak to you.
  • Do not speak negatively about other people. If you are not happy with someone, write it in your journal and keep it yourself. If other people are gossiping around you, move on, and let them get on with it. There is no need to allow their low vibrations pull you downward.
  • Express gratitude everyday.
  • Keep a journal
  • Learn to meditate for least 60 minutes every
  • Eat fresh fruit or veg
  • Ge generous, even if it means giving someone a pleasant smile.
  • Read inspirational writings
  • Listen to something inspirational
  • Sleep 7 hours
  • Set out daily goals
Very shortly you will be receiving a personalized meditation for your current situation. Wishing you wellness and abundance. Edgar

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