Free Tarot Reading for Selah

Dear Selah,

Thank you for requesting a free Tarot reading. As a contemporary Tarot reader, I am reluctant in simply giving a Tarot reading, where the focus is on predicting the future.

I do not believe that our future is set in stone. Neither do I believe that there is some external power that decides our fate and what will happen to us.

My belief is that we are constantly effecting our future by how we are living today, what we are thinking about, how we feel, what we believe and our conditioning.

But I want to help you, so I am going to share with you some insights that became present to me.

You asked the question: When will I move to south Sudan, what month?

When I was sitting in meditation and connecting with this question, I kept seeing you working really hard and feeling exhausted by the effort that you have been putting into your current activities. Its like something has been compelling you to keep going and not having enough time for rest and play.

I also got a sense that what you were really asking was will I be able to raise the money to be able to go to Sudan by end of 2012?

Train in South Sudan

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If you had asked me the latter question, I would still rephrase the question, so that the question is in alignment with Contemporary Tarot Association’s code of practice and this would be the question that I would ask:

Edgar, I want to be able to go to South Sudan, before the end of  2012, what areas of my life do I need to be aware and transform to allow this to become a possibility and the experience of travelling to South Sudan and staying there is nourishing on all levels of reality?

The premise in the above question is that what you are seeking is possible and that you are the one that needs to decide when you wish to go and than look at what needs to be addressed to enable that to happen.

I know that there are Tarot readers who relish in demonstrating their predictive abilities, but as a contemporary Tarologist, its more exciting and liberating to know that you are the one who is control of your life and what experiences you wish to happen.

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So this is the message that came through in the Tarot cards: Its a time of self-mastery. Bringing all the different elements of your life into a collective  balance. Not one area is more important than the other. Its a time of looking at your strengths, rather than your handicaps or your weaknesses. I keep getting a message that around Winter will be your move to South Sudan, but there is something really important to be aware of. Take time and plan well. Its too easy to look at ones limitations and give up before the journey has started. There is confirmation that your move will happen, but after certain projects needing completion. By completing these projects first they will enable you you to have a more rewarding experience when you move.

As I said before at the start of this Tarot reading. Working hard is a good quality to admire and we also need time for relaxation, to help us think clearly and be in touch with our inner wisdom.

Wishing you wellness,



One thought on “Free Tarot Reading for Selah

  1. Precisely, all what you mentioned in your card reading are the things affecting my life. The immagination in me is too high, i even don’t know who iam! I often hate myself. But when i read the tarot its really makes me feel i can change and be myself. So now tell me how to discover “me” and always be a serious person. Iam about to reach 27 years now but all my thoughts are just like film tricks. I got my real permanent house, i mean a 2 bedroom flat 2months ago by just playing a trick and complain to some famous people. And i don’t like to continue living in such a begger life. How can i shun it and be a hermit?

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