Free Tarot Reading for Josie

Dear Josie,

Thank you for requesting a Tarot reading with me. I am going to approach this question in a radically different way to how I normally approach giving a Tarot reading. I hope you will welcome this process and in time to come will appreciate why I have chosen to do things this way for you.

Question Mark

Question Mark (Photo credit: auntiepauline)

You asked the question: Am I going to be able to overcome my health problems?

The two words that jump out at me is:

  1. Overcome
  2. health problems

My belief is that our mind, emotions and body are interconnected. So the question I would be asking myself is how can I connect with the innate source of well-being that is naturally there within me?

Why would I ask this question? Because if I make it my daily aim to feel alignment with well-being at the level of mind and emotion, my body will resonate with the vibrational frequencies, emanating from my mind and emotions. This is a natural law that is applicable to everyone on this planet.

Here is a link that further illustrates what I mean:

When we think about overcoming a situation, we are giving strength to the thing that we wish to not be present in our lives, simply through high lightening it as being a problem.

I am not saying that I would pretend to myself that the health issue does not exist, but I would little by little, explore looking at the situation from a different angle. Not as a problem, but as a wake up call to focus on well-being. Experiencing well-being would become my only goal. When my mind is radiant with well-being, everything else in my life will vibrate with the same frequency.

As I look at your cards, I see that your Higher self is seeing that this is a time for creating simplicity in your life, letting go of all that is not necessary and serving your highest good.

Your future card was the Emperor Tarot card, which tell me that you are moving towards feeling an inner authority within yourself, as you little by little let go of feeling trapped in a situation that is out of your control. The keynote in the Tarot reading is one of stability and what is very interesting about your reading is that this has all been born out of feeling that life is going no where and that you do not know how to move forward.

So you can look at this current situation as a health problem or a situation that is leading to a greater understanding of who you are and what is truly important in life. You can no longer postpone creating more meaning in your life.

It is so natural for us to forget how much power we have and what we can control within our circle of influence. One of our greatest assets is our mind.

Please read the following information click onto the following link at the end of the passage below:

Morris Goodman, at age 35 was Mr. Success.One of the leading life insurance salesmen in the world, a member of The Million Dollar Round Table and Top Of The Table, Morris had success, fame, fortune, and a brand new airplane.

And then things turned upside down. Whileattempting to land his airplane one afternoonMorris crashed. With his neck broken at C1 and C2, his spinal cord crushed, and every major muscle in his body destroyed Morris was no longer able to perform any bodily function except to blink his eyes. His injuries were too severe for him to survive.

But the man the doctors dubbed “The Miracle Mandid survive and with a strong faith in God, courage and determination, Morris not only rebuilt his body but also his mind and outlook on life.

Morris feels you too can learn to be happy, have peace of mind, and accomplish all your goals and dreams no matter what hand life deals you.

Today Morris is a highly sought after speaker who travels the world sharing his story with millions of people and teaching his philosophy on goal setting and personal growth and development.

The worries and concerns around legal matters, in regards to bills, has added more worries to this boiling pot. So here is an invitation from me.
  1. Ask questions that help you to experience more well-being in your life TODAY
  2. Use the tools in the online resource library:
  3. Connect in your own way with something that helps you to experience more joy, peace and well-being.
  4. What is is this current situation teaching you and how can you learn and grow from what you have been presented with.
  5. In what way can you make your life more simple?
Here below are more links to useful information that I hope will help you see how can there be light at the end of this tunnel:


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