Free Tarot Reading for Kay

Dear Kay,

Here is your Tarot reading. You asked the question: What will happen with the guy junior I like?

You have waited patiently to get clarity about how this gentle man feels about you. The attraction is strong from you to him. The attraction is mutual. He too likes you and my intuitive feeling is that both of you are aware of this magnetism between yourself.

Valentine's Day Rose

Valentine's Day Rose (Photo credit: bobprangnell)

Your subconscious mind wants to deeply find your energetic counterpart in another and experience a fulfilling loving relationship and even though you have set your eyes on this male, there is another message. Look at all the aspects of what you need in a relationship and how you both connect on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. By loving yourself and acknowledging your inner wholeness, you will naturally attract the loving relationship that will meet your soul needs.

Your Higher Self is seeing that there is a need for balance, healing and integration. Its like your Higher Self can sense that the attraction is very electric on a physical level and that time is needed for you to know if you like this guy on other levels of reality.

Intuitively I sense that this journey between yourself and him will span out for the next 11 months and that you both will form a bond. At first this will be quite a physical and sensual connection.

Your subconscious mind sees you as a strong and powerful individual. Your Higher Self is inviting you to see how your sensitivity to life can be experienced on many levels and can be just as nourishing and intimate, but without feeling that you have entererd into a situation that you cannot untangle yourself from.


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