Free Tarot Reading for Key

Dear Key, you asked the question: Will I be happy in love? Here below is your Tarot reading in response to this question.

The last 11 months have presented lots of ups and downs in the area of love and romance. But these set backs and disappointments have actually helped you to become a stronger person and more appreciation for who you are as an individual. Now that you have more inner strength, you are ready to explore new opportunities, possibilities and adventures.


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the work that you have done upon yourself as enabled you to release much emotional luggage and this sense of feeling being a free spirit, is paving the way for a new romantic encounter.

Your subconscious mind feels ready and wants to charge ahead with reaching its destination. I sense that being in a loving relationship is an urgent need and desire.

Your Higher Self is showing you that any barriers or walls that you believe you cannot climb over, is not so and in fact no obstacle can get in your way of meeting your true love.

I intuitively sense  that there might be a few romantic encounters before you settle down with one partner. This is not a negative situation. It gives you the time to get clearer and clearer what it means to be in a loving relationship. Let these encounters be powerful opportunities for learning about your needs, and how you can grow deeper in emotional maturity.

The  message from your Higher self is informing me that there needs to be a more playful and innocent attitude to experiencing meeting with someone new. The Angels are looking after you and you can ask for their help anytime you desire.

Its like the question that is present is: What does it mean to experience a fulfilling loving relationship? What does it mean to me to be happy in love?

You can only answer these questions through direct experience. No psychic needs to tell you if you will be happy in love. The cards indicate that you will be. But you can also decide that no matter what happens, you are committed to experiencing an optimum loving relationship on all levels of reality and you will explore and discover through your own divine intelligence, what that


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means to you, through direct experience.

If this is what you intend, let it be.


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