Free Tarot Reading for Merz

Dear Merz,

Here below is your Tarot reading in response to your question: When will I have my family?

When looking at your Tarot cards I got a sense that time was needed to feel a stronger rapport with your partner. I am picking up the feeling that there is a religious influence, invoking within you the desire to have build a family and that you wish will be granted.

Don’t be afraid to have time to yourself to think more about what it means to you to build a family. This is the message that is coming through from your Subconscious mind. Sometimes when we try too hard, it creates a block to being in a mental space of trust and allowing things to manifest out of their natural accord.

Star. Visconti-Sforza tarot deck

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Your Higher Self, certainly knows that by taking a step back to reflect, you will know what aspects of your life need releasing. Perhaps it is mental attitudes or beliefs that are not congruent with what you wish to manifest.

The future has been indicated by the Star Tarot card, so it is further confirmation that you will experience having family. I am reluctant in giving timing as that implies that your future is set in stone and that your free-will does not have any part to play to creating your destiny.

If you deeply desire having a family, see what is needed for you to manifest this experience, but not from a place of fear, lack or shoulds.

As strange as this might seem deepening your connection with the Angelic realm can support you into new transition of Motherhood.


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