Free Tarot Reading for Wiccachicca

Dear Wiccachicca,

thank you for requesting a Tarot reading.

You asked the question: I have recently started a cooperation as a partner in a law firm and would like to know if this new work beginning will be a financial and professional success for me.

Allegory of Justice, by Raphael. In the Italia...

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This is what came through in your Tarot reading:

Your Higher Self is in alignment with where you are right now. There is no discordance with where you are and what your soul needs.

From a higher perspective you have decided to make this new venture successful not only financially but also on an emotional level. The Tarot card Justice, came through in your Tarot reading and how energies have been in your past,  and this is a clear indicator to me that you have created and set up a solid foundation which will reap a rewarding harvest.

The present energies have been indicated by the Sun card, so trust this positive and optimistic time. You are not wrong feeling bright and full of confidence.

I can see you now, celebrating your success and also giving yourself time for play. You have earned it and you deserve it, especially as you have put in so much energy into manifesting this dream.

I sense that even though this is a partnership, you seem to be the main overseer of this project, even if you are doing this from a distance. My intuitive feeling is that there might arise feelings within you, that make you feel that you see things radically different to others in your team. You have a unique way of looking at problems, that makes you a far better strategic thinker than most people, its something comes naturally to you. Use this talent and strength in a positive way to be shared with others, so that there is a sense of being on the same page as others.

Your subconscious mind sees you being able to attract the right people and contacts into your life to take this partnership to the next level. More support will come to you, especially in 8 months time from now. A truly exciting and satisfying time unfolds before you.


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