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Are you searching for life’s answers?

Is your relationship keeping you up at night, for all the wrong reasons?

Do you believe you’re capable of so much more in your career, but you don’t know how to get there?

Are you facing a difficult choice and don’t know which path to take?

Have you been searching for love, but in all the wrong places?

I can help.

I am a certified Professional Tarot reader  based in Glastonbury, United Kingdom and have 15 years’ experience reading Tarot cards for thousands of clients online. Find out more about me.

As a result of accurate and insightful Tarot readings and a compassionate and ethical approach, I have many returning clients who have positively transformed their lives.

“Edgar’s insights have been a tremendous resource for me in making well-considered decisions that help me do what’s best for me. I love the peaceful, reassured feeling I get after I’ve received information from Edgar about a situation. It helps to know that someone objective, sensitive, warm and wise has helped me to consider all the angles and potential consequences of my different options.” Roger 

“My reading from Edgar was very accurate to my situation. It all made sense without having to read between the lines – like someone has just described my life as it currently is. It was positive and realistic and a very useful tool. Thanks again!” -Emma 

The ancient art of Tarot contains a wealth of symbolism and has been used for many years to develop awareness and understanding. In recent years, it is more commonly used to give clarity and understanding to the various challenges that life brings us and an experienced reader will be able to give guidance and understanding on the issues surrounding you in a sympathetic way.

A traditional tarot reading will not just focus on the future, but more importantly, why you are where you are and how you can go forward in a positive way. It is also helpful to look at negative or positive influences that surround you as well as seeing what it is you really need out of life at the time of the reading. All readings are completely confidential.

Booking  a  Tarot reading with me is very easy and extremely simple. I use an online scheduling system  to enable you to choose a time slot and make a payment, all at the same time. Tarot readings cost £75  for a 60 minute session and can be experienced via telephone, internet and face to face in Glastonbury, United Kingdom. To book a reading click onto the following link: