Read what my clients have to say after a Tarot reading with me…

“Not only are readings with Edgar insightful, he exudes compassion and understanding making you feel at ease and hopeful even when times may be difficult.  Its like having a conversation with a good friend who knows you well and has the words you need to hear.” – Richard

“I sought a tarot reading about my relationship and it was very well balanced. Other psychics tend to either say what I may want to hear or give advice on how to act which is contrary to my personality and the way I conduct myself. My reading with Edgar was straightforward, honest, and left me feeling inspired to improve my life.” – Juliet

“I will always and forever now recommend Edgar to all my friends and family. He is so kind, supportive, insightful and smart! I have never encountered such deep analysis and great understanding of the situation. Edgar was tremendously helpful and is extremely knowledgeable at his craft. Hands down, one of the best Tarot readings I have ever had! Thank you” – Jessica

“There are several very good readers out there, but none of them have compared with the depth of insight Edgar has.” – Caroline

“I love the compassion and wisdom conveyed through your words. Thank you for your gift!” – Charles

“I am so absolutely amazed at the quality and accuracy of Edgar’s reading.  This is the first time I really know for sure that someone has the”gift” and uses it wisely. Thank you Edgar!” – Marie

“ Thank you so much Edgar. This is THE most accurate reading ever! You described the relationship and him perfectly. It is 100% spot on.” – Zoe

“Insightful, inspiring and wonderfully accurate. Everything you want in a tarot reading.” – Jim

“I was surprised and amazed at how dead on my reading was. There were several different aspects of my relationship that were brought up that I didn’t mention in my question. Thank you so much” – Bobby

“Sensitively delivered, positive inspiring advice and reading. Feels like Biddy has genuinely taken an interest and connected with you. Not just another Tarot service.” – Prema

“I felt that I was sitting across the table from Edgar and he was speaking directly to me, about me!” – Patrick

“My reading was thoughtful, insightful, and addressed some issues I didn’t even know needed addressing. Result -I feel energized, refreshed, and ready to push on!  Thank you so much!” – Pamela

“Edgar was right on with his assessment. It has helped me immensely to get my life back in order by pointing out things that would help me along the way.” – Melissa

Sample Tarot Readings

The following readings are real examples of readings I have done for past clients. Client identities have been removed to ensure full confidentiality, and permission has been obtained from the client to use the readings below.

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading regarding work, relationships and life in general

Dear K,

Thank-you for requesting a Tarot reading from me. It is a pleasure to be able to read for you!

You have requested a Tarot reading in regards to work, relationships and life in general. You write that you need some guidance and direction at this time. I concentrated carefully on your question, and stepped into your shoes to feel what you are feeling, then dealt the cards.

Significator – Magician

Crossing – Seven of Swords reversed

Above – Temperance reversed

Below – Page of Pentacles reversed

Behind – Seven of Wands

Ahead – Death reversed

Advice – Three of Cups / Knight of Swords

External Influences – King of Cups reversed

Hopes/Fears – Four of Cups reversed

Outcome – Nine of Cups reversed

Only three out of the ten cards drawn for you are the right way up and the rest are reversed. What this indicates is that there are numerous blockages for you right now, and you are having difficulty seeing things clearly. I get a strong sense that you are feeling as though you are stuck in rut at the moment and don’t know which way to turn. You try something but it fails or you can’t stick with it long enough to change anything. This seems to be leading to your sense of frustration, not with others, but with yourself. Is your sense of faith in yourself lacking at the moment? Do you have the usual levels of self-esteem or are you starting to doubt your abilities?

The Magician suggests that you are indeed a very capable woman. You are someone who has the skills and resources to be a truly successful person in a lot of different areas. You have what you need available to you and you know what to do with it. But I feel that right at the moment you are lacking clarity and have come up against some rather big blockers, leaving you doubting your abilities. The thing you need to remember is that it is all there, laid out for you. You can turn things around, but it will be about bringing together all your resources together – using motivation, emotions, the intellect an physical materials to get your life back in order.

What is currently standing in your way is a sense of taking short-cuts to get to an outcome. I feel that perhaps you are not being honest with yourself and you are simply trying to find the easiest route. However, this route does not always take you on the right journey. You might get to your desired outcome, but are you a better person because of it? Think carefully about who you are tricking and whether the shortest route is the best. Be careful not to fool yourself that what you are doing is for the best. Look deep inside and you will know whether or not it is truly right for you or not.

Temperance reversed appears to confirm this, and adds that you may not be doing things in moderation. Instead, you may be prone to doing things in excess. An example is excessive drinking to keep yourself happy. This is not to say that this is what you are doing, but rather to provide an example. Look for ways that you might be doing something too much or too little and seek to find a balance. As it is now, it seems that you are doing yourself an injustice but going a little overboard every now and then.

Underneath, it appears that you are having trouble trying to make your dreams and desires a reality. You can dream up a brand new idea that will bring you happiness and success, but there’s a deep frustration in that you can’t actually move this idea into being an actual happening. There’s a strong desire from you to actually make things happen and manifest your desires. It may just be about writing down your goals and then writing an action plan in how you can achieve these goals. Then go out and do it and commit to it. You will feel a lot better having been able to bring about your wishes than just letting them sit there.

In the past, it seems that you have been fighting a long battle. You may have been protecting yourself or fighting off the competition. This could apply to your job in the sense that you have had to fight to keep your position or to win a promotion. In a relationship it may suggest that you have been keeping your guard up, however finding yourself in niggling fights that amount to nothing. What are you protecting yourself from? Is it such a threat that you need to maintain your guard or is it time that you can let it down and let people in without being defensive?

Ahead it appears that the stagnation may stay around. However, I must stress that this card suggests this outcome based on the current situation. So if you follow your current path, this is probably where you will end up, but if you change your path, you can also change your outcome. Death reversed is telling you that if you continue as you are, you will probably come to a point where it feels like change is so far away. Instead actively work towards bringing about more change in your life. It may be as simple as going through your wardrobe and taking out all your old clothes that you no longer wear. Or it may be a larger change where you find a new job or change your relationship situation. Do whatever will move you forward and give you new energy.

Some advice from the cards is to lighten up and take things easy. The Three of Cups is all about having fun with your friends and partying and socialising. Let your creativity flow and be ready to explore new areas of life that are inspiring and bring about happiness. I drew another card as well because I felt that in this reading you would probably appreciate as much advice as possible! The Knight of Swords came up, suggesting that right now you really need to bring about action in your life. There is a burning need to stir things up some more and do what you have been planning to do.

Externally, it appears that there may be someone in your life who has blocked their emotions. They may be withholding themselves from you in order to maintain power. You need to question why they are holding back so much, especially in the emotional area, and whether you want to be around such a person. It may be a romantic partner, boss, or father-figure. This person often plays a role of authority in your life and impacts your personal emotions and feelings to a large extent.

In terms of your hopes and fears, I get the sense that you fear of not thinking or contemplating about something and its consequences enough before doing it. You may seem to want to consider all the options and alternatives, and think about the consequences before you go about actually doing it. You want all the information before you make a decision. But sometimes it is important to take that leap of faith and take action before knowing exactly what will come of it. I get the sense that this is why you may be stuck in a rut at the moment – because you are too afraid of doing something without knowing what will happen. Am I right? M, the cards seem to be telling you a strong message – just do it!

Lastly, the outcome of your situation… Again, keep in mind that this is based on current circumstances. The Nine of Cups reversed can indicate a sense of greed and having too much in one’s life. You may think that grabbing on to all the luxuries in life will bring you happiness but there’s a deeper need within you to find a spiritual happiness. Look for the things inside yourself that make you happy without trying to find someone else to fill that void for you.

M, this may be a little depressing, but I feel that there is a very positive message in this reading for you. I think the cards are trying to act as a prompt to you and give you a little shove to help you realise that you need to move yourself out of this current situation. There is a strong need to bring about change and action in your life, and to let your creativity flow. You have a strong capability within yourself – use it! I know it is within you to bring about change, you just need to realise it too!

I hope this reading has helped you. If you have any questions or require clarification on any of the cards drawn here, please ask. I would also like to hear how this reading has helped you with any feedback you might have.

All the best, Brigit.

Client Feedback

Thank you, I received the reading and it does reflect how I feel at the present time, stuck in a rut and not knowing which direction to go in, I have to try and put things into order to get things done. Thankyou, the service was excellent and I really felt that you were trying to reach out to me. Regards, K

New Year Tarot Reading – Living situation

Dear H,

You have requested the New Year Spread in regards to your living situation. You write that you have been living with your mother recently, but it sounds awfully constraining. You know your mother will be hurt if you leave, but you are unsure about whether you can withstand it much longer.

I concentrated carefully on your question while shuffling the cards. I laid them out on my special white cloth and drew two extra cards to gain further insight into your living situation and the year ahead. This is what the cards told me.

2003 in summary – Star

The most important lesson learnt in 2003 – Ace of Pentacles

What is complete in 2003 – Five of Pentacles reversed

What continues into 2004 – Ten of Pentacles

The year ahead in 2004 – Seven of Swords

Where there is potential – Three of Cups reversed

Where there is struggle – Knight of Swords reversed

What to let go of – Two of Pentacles

What to hold on to – Wheel of Fortune

Area of focus for 2004 – Empress

Advice for the best outcomes in 2004 – Tower reversed

Outcome if you leave your mother – Fool

Outcome if you stay with your mother – Two of Swords reversed

Just a few comments on the spread overall… it is interesting to note that there are predominantly swords and pentacles in the Minor Arcana cards in this reading. This suggests to me a lot around ambition, thought, career, and the home. I am really seeing the living situation combined with new opportunities for career and study coming up here, and I get the sense that this reading is almost solely centred on these factors. (Which is great because I think this is what you are looking for!)

What a great way to start the reading with the Star card! The Star card reflects that 2003 represented a time of great transition and spiritual learning. This card shows a naked woman pouring water into a lake, and pouring water out on the shore, indicating that you have taken out your bad habits and the things you are least satisfied with, and you have brought in much more positive things into your life. This card also represents a very significant spiritual time for yourself. I believe that you have been able to establish a strong set of standards and expectations of life and career that are well aligned with your inner beliefs and ethics. You now know what things you are looking to attain out of life, on a fundamental level – it is now the challenge to make this a reality and bring this onto a more practical level. You have also set out for yourself particular expectations and values that you want to live your life by, and perhaps this has been the foundation for your deeper thoughts on whether or not you want to stay with your mother or not.

The Ace of Pentacles indicates that your greatest lesson this year has been the discovery that there are many opportunities out there for you, particularly around your career and study. You haven’t necessarily brought any of these to fruition, but you have a good idea of what is available to you and that you have the capabilities to get these opportunities when you are ready. This will be important for you to remember in 2004, especially when questioning whether or not you will be able to support yourself in 2004. I think the cards are telling you, yes, you have already attained the skills required to find success, and will therefore be able to sufficiently support yourself when you need to.

What you are saying goodbye to is financial hardship which has followed you for some time now. You have seen improvements over the past year, but you know now that you are back on your feet and travelling well. You have the support around you that you need and you are ready to take on the world again!

What continues in 2004 is the importance of the family and the home. This is going to be a continuing issue, whether you like it or not! There is a strong need to find stability and a long-term solution regarding your home situation. You will also need to provide financially for your family to help them get back on their feet. This card is usually a very positive card, so while there are some tricky issues to deal with, I believe that your family is strong enough to endure them, whatever the outcome.

2004… The Seven of Swords is a very interesting card to have here, and the following cards start to confirm its message. I am getting the sense that it will be preferable for you to move out from your mother’s home this year. The Seven of Swords indicates a need to get out of the current situation, even if you are leaving behind some excess baggage, so to speak. It’s not going to be perfect when you leave, but there’s a strong desire to get out of there, particularly for intellectual requirements. I just don’t think you are able to develop and grow like you need to while living with your mother. There are constraints on your intellectual ability in your current situation.

Strange as it sounds, the Three of Cups reversed indicates that there is potential in breaking out of your current support network, even if it means hurting feelings on the way. Currently, it just seems that the relationship with your mother is blocked as a result of living together. You are just too much in each other’s faces and this isn’t helping the relationship grow at all. You are most likely feeling stifled and lacking creativity right now. So I see potential in breaking out of this cycle and rebuilding it at a later stage.

Where there is struggle is around the arguments and fights which may arise as a result of moving out. The reversed Knight of Swords is a very fiery character and often shoots off his mouth. Be careful that you do not end up throwing insults at each other, despite your strong feelings of unconditional love for each other. Haste and rash decisions could be your enemy this year and you will need to be careful of this.

What you need to let go of is this tooing and froing between different options. Currently, I sense you are trying to balance things, juggling things around and largely compromise to keep the peace. But, in this position, this card is telling you to let go of this and focus less on the balancing act, and more about prioritising your needs.

What you need to hold on to is having faith that things will work out in the end. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that even though there are some bad times ahead, these will eventually be outweighed by the good times. So, while your mother may be upset at you leaving, she will eventually come around and understand why you needed to go. Things will smooth out in the end. There is also a sense of karma with this card, so make sure you are always doing the right thing that is ethical and reasonable, otherwise it may come back to you at a later stage.

2004 is going to be more about you, and finding your personal sense of balance and energy in the scheme of things. You have been taking others into consideration for a long time now, and it is starting to wear you down. This year will be about focusing inward, slightly, and re-discovering your self-nurturing capabilities. This card is also about nurturing others, but with the sense that you are not creating a loss for yourself. So, this is about trying to find a happy medium where you can help your mother, but help yourself at the same time.

The advice for this year is not to let this situation reach boiling point. If it does go this far, it may be a lot harder to rebuild the relationships. Try to nip it in the bud when it hasn’t turned it a disaster, so that new growth and renewal can occur.

I drew the two extra cards, just to make sure your question is fully answered. The Fool indicates that if you do decide to move out, you will feel a lot more free and ready to take on the world with fresh eyes. The cards seem to emphasise that this is the way to go, and will leave you feeling a lot more independent and useful in life. If you choose to stay, I see further stalemates occurring and feeling even more locked in to the situation. It seems that the timing is right to leave now, and that if you wait for a while longer, it is going to be even harder to move out.

I hope this reading has helped you. If you have any questions or require clarification on any of the cards drawn here, please ask. I would also like to hear how this reading has helped you with any feedback you might have.

All the best, Edgar.

Client Feedback

Thank you so much for your timely and excellent reading. As usual, I feel that your insights are spot-on, and I really appreciate your detailed and nuanced explanations. Thanks so much! I must also express my enormous gratitude to you for adding the extra cards to clarify my question about my mother. These cards really enhanced my understanding of my situation, and I truly appreciate your generosity and attention to detail. Thanks again! I’m so glad that you share your gifts with others! Thanks very much for your help and wisdom. My very best wishes to you for the year ahead. H.